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Komfort 4 Kids Project
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Komfort 4 Kids Project

YBlankets Made With LoveY

If you had a special blanket when you were a kid, then you know it provides so much more than warmth.  It can give a child a sense of security when they’re frightened or alone.  It can be like a big hug when a child needs it most.  That is why the Komfort 4 Kids Project is making and donating homemade blankets for sick, traumatised and needy children.

As a therapist, I have experience working with sick, traumatised and needy children.  As a“stay-at-home” mum, I decided that I wanted to continue the spirit of giving to children who are in need.  After hearing about my mum's experience with the US based organisation, Project Linus (www.projectlinus.org), I decided that I wanted to organise a similar project here in Western Australia.  Hence, the Komfort 4 Kids Project was born.

The Komfort 4 Kids Project is a completely volunteer-based, non-profit group that relies on the support and generosity of the community to help make a difference in these children’s lives.

What We Do

Y        Coordinate the collection and distribution of new, handmade blankets to organisations that deal with sick, traumatised or needy children, such as Princess Margaret Hospital, Asetts,  the Department for Community Development, Granny Spiers House, Lady Lawley Cottage and Parkerville Children's Home. 

Y        Make blankets.

Y        Put “Komfort 4 Kids Project” labels on donated blankets.

Y        Act as a resource to help those who would like to participate in the project.

What We Hope You Can Do

Y        Make a blanket – either sew, knit or crochet one.

Y        Organise a group to make blankets together.

Y        Help spread the word about this project to others who may be interested in     helping.

Y        Donate completed blankets.

Y        Contact us if you know of any groups or organisations that would benefit from the donation of blankets for children of that group.

What To Do Next

For health and safety reasons, blankets accepted for donation need to meet certain criteria.  If you would like participate by constructing or donating blankets, please contact us for these details.  Contact by email would be quickest as we can then email the criteria back to you straight away.

If you are unable to help at this time, but know of someone who might be able to, please pass this information on.

Thank you very much for you consideration of our project and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours sincerely,

The Komfort 4 Kids Project Manager

Patti Elliott                             

Email address:          komfort4kids@hotmail.com

Mailing address:       Komfort 4 Kids Project

                                    100 Lynn Street

                                     Trigg  WA  6029




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